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The Bottle Thief adapter is hand-machined within .001 mm tolerance in order to protect your wine for years to come.



The compact brass regulator easily attaches to the argon tank. It has a gauge which reads the pressure of the tank and a gauge which reads the output pressure. The output pressure of the regulator is set at 50 psi and is user adjustable.



The argon gun connects and disconnects with a quick click. It allows the user to dispense argon, which is heavier than air, into opened bottles.

Bottle Thief Argon System Cost Analysis

The Bottle Thief system reduces waste and increases the potential number and quality of wines available by the glass.


The system will arrive ready to use and easy to set-up. Installation takes less than a minute.


The argon gun protects the integrity of opened bottles. It blankets and protects the wine from unwelcome oxygen. Ideal for  hand pours, Vintage Ports, screwcaps, and bottles with synthetic corks.

Coravin capsules vs Argon tank
Argon tank Coravin capsule alternative
The above graph assumes a price of $249.99 for the Bottle Thief argon delivery system plus $35 for 20 cu ft of argon. The initial investment, therefore, is $285. The capsules are calculated at $7.50 each, with the ability to pour 15 glasses, or 3 bottles. The break-even point is under 10 cases of wine poured by the glass. Most restaurants and wineries recoup their initial investment in less than two months. One 20 cu ft argon cylinder holds the same amount of gas as 155 capsules and will pour up to 38 cases of wine by the glass.
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