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Add-on second line

Add-on second line


This is an add-on option for those who wish to use two Bottle Thief systems with the same argon supply. If you already own a Bottle Thief system or are purchasing one today, this is the kit you need to use two handheld devices at the same time. 


Y-shaped barbed connector with optional tubing clamps

6.5' tubing with right angle coupler

Bottle Thief adapter

If you order this as an add-on option to the Bottle Thief, it will arrive to you fully assembled and ready to use.

If you are ordering this for an existing Bottle Thief system, you will need to cut the tubing a minimum of 5" from the regulator, using a sharp knife.

Firmly push each cut end over the barbed connector until the Y connector barbs are covered by the tubing.



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